Funeral Arrangements

Planning a funeral can be a difficult and emotional time. Our services listed below is designed to help make the process easier and more meaningful.

  We stock a comprehensive range of coffins, divided into five categories:

  a) Solid

       b) Semi-Solid

       c) Veneer

       d) Eco-Friendly

       e) Rental Coffin for Cremation

All coffins are supplied with an engraved nameplate and depending upon religious preference, a crucifix.

Click here to see our full range of coffins.

When burial is the preferred choice, clients have two options:


1) Use an existing grave: Providing there is sufficient space in the grave for a coffin burial. Grave opening fees charged by cemeteries usually range from €850 to €1,200 and are charged whenever a burial takes place.


2) Purchase a new grave: New graves usually hold two to four burials, depending upon the chosen cemetery. The cost of purchasing a new grave usually ranges from €1,800 to €5,000, although in some cemeteries, new graves can cost a lot more. Grave opening fees also apply here.

For cremation, it is necessary for written permission to be completed.

To allow permission for cremation, there are two factors at play:

1) If the deceased has made a will, the appointed executor may sign to allow permission for cremation to take place.

2) Where there is no will made, the deceased’s legal next-of-kin may sign to allow permission for cremation to take place.

Cremation Costs

1) Cremation fees usually range from €650-€1000. These can vary depending on the urn selection and if the crematorium chapel is to be used for the service.

2) If you choose to place the ashes in a final resting place, the typical options are:

  • Columbarium wall – on average €1,200 to €1,500 per placing
  • Garden of Remembrance – on average €1,100 to €1,500.
  • Burial of ashes in public cemetery – on average €400 to €550.
  • Private burial of ashes – ashes may also be interred in private grounds and also in various locations. Prices vary depending on location.

Religious service:

Funeral directors liaise with the church to arrange a funeral service. The church staff will then contact the deceased’s family to organise further details for the funeral service. Church / chapel offerings are €400 on average and are included in the funeral bill.


Non-religious service:

This may take place at a cemetery or crematorium chapel, graveside or at a home. In these cases, a civil funeral celebrant or lay person may be chosen to lead the service. They will completely tailor the service to the family’s wishes.

Civil funeral celebrants cost €300 on average.

Preparation consists of embalming and dressing of the deceased for the purpose of having an open coffin for viewing.

The care and presentation of a loved one is an incredibly significant aspect of our profession. We take pride in the fact that our team is exceptionally experienced in achieving the highest standard of presentation possible. We provide a hygienic embalming process that involves both sanitation and preservation of the deceased, to present your loved one in a dignified and natural manner.

We arrange the wording and publishing of death notices online, in newspapers and through radio stations.

Online: provides a listing of all deaths in Ireland. Online notices may be added and amended at any time. The cost of publishing a death notice on is €25.


Notices may be arranged in any paper that provides this service. To have a death notice published in a newspaper, the notice must be finalised and sent into the newspaper at least 1 day before publication. The cost of publishing a death notice this way varies from €300-€700 depending on which newspaper and the chosen number of days published.


Notices may also be arranged on any radio station that provides this service. The notice must be finalised and sent into the radio station at least 1 day before live announcement. The average cost for this is €160, depending on the radio station.

We offer modern Mercedes hearses and limousines.

Stretched limousines accommodate seven passengers. Other vehicles such as saloon limousines, wheelchair accessible and MPV vehicles are available on request.

We also provide the option of horse-drawn hearses rather than motor hearses, if preferred.

Most families who wish for flowers prefer an open spray, which is placed on top of the coffin. These can range in price from €125-250.

Other floral tributes can range from a simple rose to more elaborate wreaths. Click Here to see our full range of flowers arrangements.

For Church Services:

Musicians may be booked for church services. The usual preference is for an organist with a soloist to sing during the service. This ranges in price from €350-€450 on average. Other musical ensembles are available upon request.


For Cremation Funeral Services:

All crematoria now provide music streaming services and simply require the list of music in advance of the service, which is provided free of charge.

Printed Items:

Such as bookmarks, prayer cards and funeral service booklets are available on request. These are arranged in advance to be provided on the day of the funeral. Prayer cards and bookmarks are available with a picture on the front and space for a verse on the back. Funeral service booklets are available in either 4 or 8 pages.

Grave Markers: Large grave cross available at €100 each. Small grave marker available at €50 each.


Death in Ireland

We will arrange all details necessary when someone passes away in Ireland and their family requests that they be repatriated to another country where the funeral is to take place. This usually involves liaising with the local coroner in Ireland, the embassy of the country where the deceased is to be repatriated to, airlines to arrange flights, and often the overseas funeral director.

Our services include embalming (usually required) and an airtight or zinc-lined coffin.

Death Abroad

When someone dies abroad, usually a funeral director in the country where the death has ocurred will arrange all paperwork and flights for repatriation. It is sometimes necessary for a family member to be present in the country when this is being arranged, in order to give written consent for repatriation to take place. We collaborate with the overseas funeral director in order to organise the arrangements in Ireland when the deceased arrives home.

When travel insurance has been purchased, then the insurance company will often cover the cost of repatriation to Ireland.